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Russian Families Enjoy Diverse Opportunities With EB-5 Green Card

Russia is by far the largest country in the world, and it possesses one of the world’s richest and most influential cultures. However, as I’ve met and spoken with Russian clients as part of my law practice, I’ve found that Russian parents and American parents aren’t so different. No matter where they live, parents around the world want to know that they are doing the best for their children’s futures.

Children amaze us with their talents, abilities, intelligence, and skill. It’s natural to want to foster those gifts—and to worry about how to give them the right opportunities to develop into successful young adults. If you’re a Russian parent, you may already be wondering where to find the best schools to complete your child’s education or how he or she can get a strong start after graduation. You may also be wondering if those opportunities may be found in another country, whether temporarily or permanently.    

“Immigrant Investor” Parents Give Children Access to Diverse Educational Opportunities in the U.S.

You may call me biased, but I strongly believe that the United States offers an incredible number of avenues for students to prepare for a successful future. The EB-5 “immigrant investor” program helps Russian families access the colleges and universities that best fit their children’s needs, without the need to worry about limits on foreign-student enrollment. After parents make a qualifying investment in the U.S. economy, the green card provided by the EB-5 visa allows students to apply to the schools—even medical and graduate schools—of their choice, as well as, work anywhere they choose after graduation. If desired, green cards can also be the first step on the path to full United States citizenship, while also providing other qualified family members the opportunity to obtain a permanent green card.

Learn More About the EB-5 Green Card

The only way to know if the EB-5 program is the right fit for your family is to get informed. I highly recommend that you start by requesting a free copy of my book, Complete Guide to the EB-5 Green Card. This book clearly explains the benefits of the EB-5 visa program, and it will help you understand what to expect from the application process.

As you move forward, you may find it helpful to have an experienced immigration lawyer prepare your EB-5 petition, but it’s very important to take the time to choose the right immigration attorney for you. If you have questions or need immediate help with your immigration questions, you can contact my office directly by completing the contact form.

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Is EB-5 right for me?

Start Where do I turn?

If a United States Green Card is your goal for yourself and your family, you probably have many questions.

The following slides will help explain the steps and requirements Involved in the EB-5 investment immigration process.

Step 1 Learn about EB-5 and make a decision to hire an Investment Immigration Attorney

Free Consultation either in person or by phone with our attorney to discuss your immigration goals.

To prepare for this consultation with our attorney, be ready to explain the ideal immigration result for you and your family. This will help our attorney determine if EB-5 would be your best choice.

If EB-5 is the right choice for you and your family, retain Jatoi & de Kirby, A.P.C. and begin working with our expert team to identify the documentation needed to complete your EB-5 application.

Step 2 Make your selection of the Regional Center for your investment

This is an important decision as it impacts both your investment and your family’s immigration success. Because this decision is so important, you will want to have a professional perform a due diligence evaluation of any potential investment. Our attorney has had extensive experience in this area and can discuss the alternative due diligence options:

Use a due diligence company:
There are several companies offering different levels of due diligence.
Use an Investment Advisor:
There are Investment Advisors that do offer some level of due diligence on project selection.
Use a Registered Broker Dealer and Member of FINRA:
Your Broker Dealer can provide you with several alternative investments that you can consider for your EB-5 investment.
Step 3 Make your investment and file your I-526 application

You will have worked closely with our attorney and his team to compile all the necessary documentation to support your EB-5 application.

This will include all the required documentation to show the lawful source of your investment funds, as well as all the supporting documentation from the USCIS-approved Regional Center you selected for your qualifying investment.
You will have wired to the Regional Center your investment funds, as well as the Regional Center administration fee.
With the investment in place, your expertly completed EB-5 (I-526) application, along with all supporting documentation, will be filed with the United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS).
Step 4 My EB-5 application is approved by USCIS

If you are currently living in the United States, our attorney will file I-485 application to register you as a Permanent Resident. If you file your I-485 in the United States, you will generally receive your Permanent Resident Green Card in the mail. However, it is possible that you may be required to visit your local USCIS office for an interview.

If you are located in your home country, our attorney will file a DS-260 application for an Immigrant Visa. You will then have an interview with a Consular Officer and be granted an Immigrant Visa. Your Immigrant Visa will be valid for six months. When you arrive in the United States, you will begin your your status as a Permanent Resident Green Card Holder.

Wherever you are located, you will then receive what is termed a "Conditional Green Card".

Step 5 Remove conditions and receive a Permanent Green Card

After you have held your Green Card for 21 months, our attorney and his team will begin the I-829 process to remove the conditions on your Green Card.

To remove the conditions, you must show that your funds have remained invested and that the investment has created the requisite ten jobs.

A successful I-829 application gives you what is called a Permanent Green Card, which can be freely renewed every 10 years.

Step 6 Become a Naturalized United States Citizen

If your immigration goal is to become a United States Citizen, after 5 years as a Green Card holder you will qualify to file a Naturalization application.

The time is calculated from when you first received your Green Card, including the period when you held your Conditional Green Card.

United States Citizenship may not be your goal, and there is no requirement that you apply for naturalization. You can hold your Green Card indefinitely, requiring only that you renew it every ten years.

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