EB-5 Program Raised $3.58 Billion for the USA And More In FY 2013

Does the EB-5 program benefit the United States? The simple answer to this question is a resounding yes. In order to determine whether the EB-5 program has been beneficial to the United States, let’s examine whether or not the program has accomplished its original goals.

The main reason why EB-5 was created was not to create a path for immigration, but to bolster the economy and create jobs. 

According to a peer-reviewed study published by IIUSA on the Washington Business Wire, the US economy has increased by $3.58 billion in FY 2013 because of EB-5. The EB-5 program brought in this amazing sum to the United States economy at absolutely no cost to the taxpayers. Put simply, this is a win for every one of us who cares about the United States economy. These numbers are for FY 2013, and are consistent with studies completed in 2011 and 2012.

According to the report, job creation also received a boost. You may know that in EB-5, each investor must create at least ten jobs through his or her investment. In FY  2013, EB-5 created a whopping 41,000 jobs. What was the cost to the taxpayer? Absolutely nothing.

During this time, the investment funds created jobs through the construction of new commercial enterprises. This also included included new health care facilities, new multifamily residential developments, and even the entertainment/film industry was represented with $94 million.

In addition to the influx of jobs and capital that was spurred by EB-5, many immigrants will join the United States as US Permanent Residents. EB-5 investors are, by definition, high earners and achievers, and contribute their spirit of multiculturalism and entrepreneurialism to our society.

To answer our original question, I think it is quite clear that the answer is yes: EB-5 certainly is a positive asset to the United States. Despite the program’s controversies, there is no question that the program benefits both our society and our economy.

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