EB-5 Investors Will Need a Medical Examination for Permanent Residence

After filing several forms and providing endless documents to USCIS, you are ready to file for permanent residence for your EB-5 visa. While this requires an official adjustment of status, it also requires more than just the filing of a form; applicants will have to submit to a medical examination by a designated civil surgeon.

Any person who wishes to receive a green card must prove that he or she does not pose a public health concern to the U.S. After you receive your health exam, you must send Form I-693 containing the results of the medical examination to USCIS.

A few things applicants should know about the required medical examination:

  • Physician. The examination must be performed by a civil surgeon designated by USCIS. No family doctor or other physician may complete the form.
  • Forms. To ensure that your application is not delayed, make sure that you are using the most recent version of Form I-693. Outdated forms will be rejected by USCIS, requiring a second exam by a civil surgeon.
  • Cost. While USCIS does not charge a filing fee for the medical examination form, the civil surgeon may charge you for administering the exam.
  • Confidentiality. When your exam is over, the civil surgeon should give you your completed Form I-693 in a sealed envelope for submission to USCIS. As USCIS will reject the form if it is not in a sealed envelope, it is your responsibility to insist that the report be sealed.
  • Time. It is important that you submit the results of your examination to USCIS as soon as possible, since the results of the medical exam are generally only valid for 2 years and you are required to submit the sealed envelope to USCIS within 60 days of it being signed by the civil surgeon.

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