DS-260: Are You Who You Say You Are? What Kind of Proof Is NVC Looking for?

If you have an approved EB-5 visa petition, congratulations! You're well on your way to a great life in the United States. As you prepare your DS-260 application with your lawyer, you will need to make sure you have all of the proper documentation to prove your identity. The USCIS does not kid around when it comes to this, and you can really never give them too much documentation; you must prove your identity beyond a reasonable doubt...so don't give them any reason to doubt it! 

You will need to show all this information to the U.S. Consulate/Embassy as well as your attorneys. Our immigration attorneys at Jatoi & de Kirby, A.P.C. will be happy to assist you. You will need:

  • Five years worth of names and addresses for you, your spouse, and your children
  • Any other names used by you, your spouse, or your children
  • A copy of your passport, as well as your spouse’s and children's passports
  • Birth certificates for you, your spouse, and your children. These birth certificates must be translated into English.
  • Educational certificates, where applicable
  • Copy of college degree 
  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • Copy of divorce certificate
  • Copy of household registry (if from China or Vietnam)
  • Place of birth for you, your spouse, and your children
  • The names and occupations of your parents
  • Proof of whether or not you are a member of the Communist Party
  • Court records of any criminal convictions
  • All dates of entries to the United States, as well as exits, for you, your spouse, and your children. 
  • Certified translations of any documents written in a language other than English
  • Proof of whether or not you have a communicable disease

As you can see, a lot of documentation is required—but it is worth it! The most important thing is to be completely upfront and honest with your lawyer as you're going through the application process. If you are hoping to file for an EB-5 visa, contact our firm for assistance.