A List of Required Documentation for the EB-1 Visa Application

An EB-1 visa represents a life-changing opportunity to live permanently in the United States with your family while, at the same time, continuing to pursue your career goals. Created especially for foreigners with special abilities at the top of their fields, these green cards are ideal for those who excel in the sciences, the arts, athletics, academics, and business.

Perhaps the most complex and intimidating part of the EB-1 immigration visa process is understanding what materials you need to provide and how exactly you can prove that you are a standout in your field of work or study. Below, we have summarized the forms, documentation, and evidence that applicants must provide in order to secure a visa for extraordinary ability.


  • A valid passport. Applicants should provide a copy of all pages of their current passport, as well as copies of the full passports of their spouse and any dependent children. 
  • A copy of Form I-94. Applicants should provide this from along with all past approval notices for both the applicant and dependent family members. 
  • Copies of prior visa petitions, such as O-1 applications. 
  • Criminal Records. If you have been involved in any criminal activity in the past, it is vital that you disclose and explain the charges. 
  • Medical records. Applicants must provide information regarding recent medical exams. 
  • Marriage certificate. Applicants should provide a copy of this document if they are planning to bring a spouse to the United States.
  • Birth certificates. Applicants should provide copies of these documents if they are planning to bring minor children to the United States. 
  • Photographs. Applicants should include eight passport-style photographs for each person involved in the application, including the spouse and children. 
  • Proof of extraordinary ability. Depending on your field, you should provide as much evidence as possible that you are skilled and reputable - such as media coverage, publications, awards, letters, memberships, or proof of commercial success.
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