Are You At The Top Of Your Field? You May Be Eligible To Live And Work In The United States With An EB-1 Employment Immigration Visa

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California immigration attorneysCalifornia immigration attorneysIf you are a renowned professional in your area of expertise, securing a Green Card and permanent residency in the United States for you and your family might be as easy as applying for an EB-1 immigrant visa. Reserved for foreigners who excel in business, the arts, the sciences, or athletics, this immigration visa encourages those with outstanding talents to bring their work and their knowledge to America.

Who is eligible for an EB-1 visa for extraordinary ability?

 Your application for this immigration visa must prove that you are nationally or internationally known for your accomplishments. This could be proven through: evidence of awards for your work, membership in certain groups or associations, evidence of your specialization, media publications or news clips, and other documentation reflecting the level and successes of your career. In addition, you must prove that your immigration will substantially benefit the United States.

There are three employment-based categories for the EB-1 visa:

  • People with extraordinary ability, such as athletes and artists.
  • Renowned professors, academics, and researchers.
  • Notable executives and managers at international organizations.

While you are not required to have employment lined up in the United States in order to be granted EB-1 status, you are required to continue to work in your specific field after becoming a permanent resident.

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