What Are the Three Types of EB-1 Green Card?

There are three subcategories of the EB-1 immigration visa for those with extraordinary abilities – and chances are that only one is right for you and your family. 

The EB-1A green card is meant for those who can easily prove that they have an extraordinary ability and have risen to the top of their field internationally. This immigration visa asks that you prove thoroughly that you have received top recognition as an educator, artist, athlete, businessperson, researcher, or scientist. It does not require that you have a job lined up in the United States. 

The EB-1B green card is tailored to professors and researchers with at least three years of experience who have secured a permanent position in the United States, either as a tenure-track teacher or researcher. You must prove that you have received international recognition for your work, such as an award or publication. 

The EB-1C green card is designed for managers and executives of international companies who wish to permanently work and live in the United States. While you do not have to prove extraordinary ability, you do have to prove your experience and necessity to your company.