Filing Form I-924A to Maintain EB-5 Regional Center Eligibility in CA

It’s time to file your annual EB-5 regional center eligibility paperwork, and you’re staring down Form I-924A. You know it must be filed timely and accurately to maintain your visa status, but there are so many blanks to complete and you’re not sure of the information you’ll need to provide. What can you do?


Our California based attorney is here to explain some of the terms used in USCIS’s paperwork. On Form I-924A, you must provide a valid number for:


  • Fiscal year – Many immigrant investors mistakenly provide data for the calendar year. However, you must report data for the fiscal year—October 1 through September 30—on Form I-924A.
  • Unique identifier – In Part 1, you will be asked for the USCIS-assigned number for your designated regional center. While your regional center may be given many numerical designations for various filings, USCIS requires the unique identifier given to you upon approval of your original Form I-924—usually in this form: IDxxxxxxxxxx.
  • NAICS codes – Your North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code provides information to USCIS about the types of industries that are participating in EB-5 investment projects. It is a 2–6 digit number, with each digit providing more specific detail on the type of industry your regional center occupies. Investors should provide at least four digits to satisfy their NAICS classification.


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