Can You Work Two Jobs with an H-1 Temporary Worker Visa? Our Lawyer Weighs in

Having the chance to come to the United States with an H-1B visa is a great opportunity for individuals with "specialty occupations." You've received at least your Bachelor's degree, you have special skills or knowledge, and you're ready to put all of that to good use in a new country. A valid H-1B is going to allow you to work for a single employer for a specific amount of time, and your employer is in charge of petitioning for your entry. 

In most cases, people who come to the United States on an H-1B visa work for one employer because that visa is only valid for one job. They've also spent so much time specializing in their field that they don't have much of a need for another job. However, sometimes, an individual may want to have two jobs during their time in America. It is possible for a person to have two jobs, but each job must have its own H-1B visa. 

If, during your time in the U.S. on an H-1B visa, you decide that you would like to get an additional job, that is possible. Once you've determined where your second job is going to be, you must follow the same exact steps that you did for your first job, and you cannot start working for the second employer until the H-1B visa is taken care of. That means that all of the same rules apply: 

  • You must be paid the prevailing wage
  • Your position must be at the Bachelor's Degree level or higher
  • Your resume must satisfy the job qualifications

These rules mean that although you are allowed to have a second job, you can't just pick up a part-time gig as a waiter to make some extra money. The H-1B visa is for specialty occupations only and you cannot stray from that. Speak with your H-1B specialty skills visa lawyer to determine if you qualify for a second job. 

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