EB-1 Visa Requirements: Proving Your Extraordinary Ability Through Documentation

The EB-1 visa for extraordinary ability is an excellent choice for talented artists, researchers, academics, athletes, and businesspeople who wish to live and work in the United States permanently. However, many foreigners who wish to apply for an employment-based green card aren’t sure how they can correctly document their renown or prove that they have a gift.

Below, we have outlined a list of documents and other proof that can be used to establish sustained or international acclaim in your field:

•    Documentation of awards and prizes. Proving that you have recognition in your field in the form of prizes, grants, or awards is a great step forward in proving your extraordinary ability. Be sure to include information about the competition and the organization that runs it.
•    Documentation of membership in exclusive associations or organizations. These associations should require specialized achievement, talent or ability in the field as a requirement to join.
•    Documentation of authorship. Showing your contribution to your field in the form of scholarly articles, research, and major publications will help establish you as a leader in your field.
•    Documentation of past events and exhibitions. If your work has been featured in  museums or galleries, or if you have participated in national or international competitions in your field, collect evidence proving the fact.
•    Evidence of commercial success. Artists and athletes may prove their extraordinary ability by proving that they have sold tickets, albums, art, or other products – and commanded a high salary in exchange for their offerings.
•    Published material regarding your ability or accomplishments. Published articles, news stories, and other forms of national or international media can help establish you as a well known and newsworthy.
•    Documentation that you have served as a judge or on a panel. Examples include participation as a judge for an artistic competition, a sporting event, or grant-awarding body.
•    Letters from other talents in your field. If other well-known experts in the field agree that you are leading talent, these documents could help prove your extraordinary ability.
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