11 Ways to Prove Extraordinary Ability for an EB-1A Green Card

The most difficult aspect of securing an EB-1A immigration visa for extraordinary ability is proving that you are indeed at the top of your field and that you have made outstanding contributions during your career. 

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires that applicants for the EB-1A visa either 1) prove that they have won a significant international award (such as an Academy Award or Nobel Prize) or 2) prove their extraordinary ability in three of ten other ways: 

  • Proof that you have won a significant national or lesser international award. 
  • Proof that you have won or been nominated for other awards, either on the national or international level. 
  • Proof that you receive a significantly higher payment for good or services than others in your field. 
  • Evidence that you have had international commercial success, such as ticket sales, CD sales, or DVD sales. 
  • Publication in international journals or magazines – or through other major types of media. 
  • Proof of notable art exhibitions or shows. 
  • Proof that you are a leader or board member in an important organization in your field. 
  • Membership in exclusive organizations or associations related to your field. 
  • Evidence that you have acted as a judge in a competition in your field. 
  • Newspaper articles, news stories, or other coverage by the media about the person with extraordinary ability. 
  • Proof that you have made significant, outstanding, and extraordinary contributions to your field. 
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