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Published on 01/13/2016

Hello, I’m Vaughan de Kirby. And today we’re going to again talk about source of funds. We’re going to talk about accumulated salary as a source of your investment funds. This can be difficult, frequently because of the size of the investment, these funds were gathered over an extensive period of time, but let’s talk about generally what we ask of our clients and USCIS requires in order to show that your investment funds from your accumulated income were in fact lawfully sourced.

You’re going to need to provide your resume. This is so that we can show that the position you held makes sense, that you have the credentials necessary. We’ll want your academic certificates to show that you have the requisite education to show that you should be in the position you are with the company. If the position requires a particular license or certificate, we’ll want your professional licenses or certificates. We’ll want income certificates from your employer on company letterhead with the title and name of the individual issuing the certificate. Now note this can be in plural, in other words, you can have more than one position. Then you’ll need to document that position, if in fact it was from more than one employer over time. A labor service contract showing your rate of pay. Income tax returns for the past five years. Note that it is very possible that after 9/30/2016, that number may go to seven years. We don’t know, but we anticipate that type of legislation may happen. Bank statements for the past five years showing the payment and the accumulation of your income. You need to show that money going into your bank account representing the money that you have stated you’re receiving as remuneration from your job. That’s very important and that can be difficult as well. Right now we’re looking in five years. It is possible that it could be longer under the new legislation. Also if it took you more than five years to accumulate the necessary investment, we may ask for that as well.

Again, as in all sources of funds, this is a lot of documentation, but it’s what USCIS requires. And we or your immigration attorney will work closely with you to make sure that we get the documentation we need in order to make your case successful. This puts you a little bit ahead of people that haven’t looked into source of funds. I hope it’s helpful for you.

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