Your EB-5 Green Card Qualifies You To Attend Medical School In The USA

Published on 05/08/2015

Hello, my name is Vaughan de Kirby and I'm an investment immigration attorney based here in San Francisco.  I thought it might be interesting today to talk a little bit about medical school for the foreign student. 

The medical profession is a tremendous profession.  It is well-paid, well-respected and much needed in the United States; however, going to medical school for the foreign student is a very serious challenge.  Very few—very, very few medical schools accept foreign nationals as students, so that's one obstacle you face. 

Another obstacle is financial.  There are many great programs to help you through medical school and pay for what can be a very expensive education; however, these benefits and these scholarships are generally only available to U.S. permanent residents.  That's someone who holds a green card or U.S. citizens. 

Now, the reason I bring this up is it's an important advantage in EB-5.  If that is something in your future, if medical school is something that you are seriously considering, you may want to consider EB-5, because what it will do is give you the opportunities that a green card holder or, for that matter, a U.S. citizen would have in both being accepted at medical school and receiving the financial benefits.  If you apply for EB-5, as you may know, it's a $500,000.00 investment; and you will receive your green card through making that investment.  That will qualify you to apply to all medical schools in the United States and, importantly, it will qualify you for many of the financial benefits, which only accrue to permanent residents and U.S. citizens. 

Think about EB-5 if medical school is in your future.  Thank you.

Vaughan de Kirby
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