Global Visa Programs Compared

Published on 04/27/2015

Hello my name is Vaughan de Kirby, and as you may know, our firm limits its practice to EB-5.  Now, EB-5 is a program in the United States that allows the immigrant investor to invest $500,000.00 in an approved business entity, and by doing that, receive their green card for themselves, their spouse and their minor children. 

But as you also may know, EB-5 is not the only alternative for international immigration.  I thought it would be interesting for you, and for me, to prepare a chart to compare and contrast the various international immigration alternatives that you may have available to you.

Let’s take a look at that chart.  The first thing you may see is that Portugal and Spain involve the same initial investment of $500,000.00.  Now, in the case of Portugal and Spain though, it’s also important to know their position in the world economies, with Portugal with at 48th , it is in the 48th category of economies in the world, and Spain is number 13.  The number of world-class universities in Portugal is only 3, and in Spain is only 12, when the United States at a 146. 

Now the interesting thing about Australia is the investment is approximately 8 times the amount in the United States, and, again, you’re dealing with a much smaller economy and a much lower number of internationally recognized universities. 

In New Zealand you have double the investment but, interestingly enough, in New Zealand you have another requirement, which is important, which is the ability to speak English.  That would mean that in order to qualify in New Zealand, you would have to be able to demonstrate a mastery of the English language. 

The UK is 6 times the investment and again it is a much smaller economy. 

It’s important to understand the EB-5 process, the $500,000.00 investment, the conditional green card at 24 months and the unconditional green card after the 24 month period. 

Now, I hope this chart was helpful to you.  It was helpful to me to understand the international immigration possibilities for you and your family.  You’ll find the chart on this video, and you’ll also find a copy of it on our website, if you would like to a more detailed look at it.  Thank you so much and I hope this was helpful to you.