Containing Crucial Information, Vaughan de Kirby is Giving His Book Away For Free

Published on 06/03/2015

Hello, my name is Vaughan de Kirby. If you’ve seen some of my videos before, you know that I am really passionate about EB-5. Usually I answer legal questions, but today I wanted to make a special offer to you. I’m equally passionate about you having the knowledge you need to make the right decisions for yourself and your family.

In order to obtain that knowledge, you need to study EB-5, you kneed to know what your investing in, and you need to know the rules that surround it. In my desire to give you that information, I have written a book on the subject: Complete Guide To The EB-5 Green Card.

Today, in this video, I want to offer that book to you for free. This book will tell you about the program, it will tell you how to find the right investment for you and your family, and it will explain the whole process to you. It is very important that when you work with your investment immigration attorney or your financial advisor that you really understand what you’re doing.

So this is what I’m offering in this video: you can obtain this book at no cost. In the United States, you can obtain the book through with a special code that we will provide that will allow you to get the book for free, only paying for shipping and handling. In China, we have a representative in Beijing, and that representative will send you the book at no cost.

What I’d like you to do if you’d like to receive your free copy of this book, is send an email to [email protected]. That’s [email protected]. Rachel will send you the promotion code, or she will arrange for you to receive the book in China. I really recommend you do this today because if you’re really interested in EB-5, you’re about to make a very important investment that will affect your family for generations. I recommend you get this book for free, and we’ve made it possible. Thank you. 

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