Vaughan is the one I refer my friends to if they want a Green Card!

Vaughan de Kirby and his assistant Lily Shi worked closely with us and our families throughout the EB-5 application process. They did an excellent and efficient job and were always there for us when we needed questions answered. I now have my Green Card and a great job in the US. With the green card Vaughan helped me get, even people like me that did not graduate from ivy league still had a chance to work for one of the Fortune 500 companies and make six figures. I could never achieve this without Vaughan's help! Vaughan is the one I refer my friends to if they want a Green Card!

S. P. Cheung


Green Cards, Visas, and Permanent Residency Options for Latin American Families

Latino families can become permanent residents in the U.S. with the help of a CA immigration lawyer. Click here to learn about the benefits of EB-5 visas.

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The Quickest Path to a Green Card and U.S. Educational Opportunities for European Investors May Be EB-5

Europeans who make a significant investment in a business enterprise in the U.S. can earn green cards and access to American universities through EB-5.

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Middle East Investors Can Send Their Children to U.S. Universities With EB-5 Green Cards

If you have money to invest in an American business enterprise, you may qualify for the EB-5 program, which opens the door to educational opportunities.

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