For EB-5 I would always recommend Vaughan and his firm!

We worked with Jatoi & de Kirby, APC on our EB-5 application. Vaughan and everyone who works at his firm really showed us that they cared about our application and wanted to be sure it was successful. We have our Green Cards now and are applying for citizenship and Vaughan and his team are still right there to help! My husband and I now have a beautiful home in the United States and a wonderful young  son. For EB-5 I would always recommend Vaughan and his firm!

Vivian Sun


Green Cards, Visas, and Permanent Residency Options for Latin American Families

Latino families can become permanent residents in the U.S. with the help of a CA immigration lawyer. Click here to learn about the benefits of EB-5 visas.

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The Quickest Path to a Green Card and U.S. Educational Opportunities for European Investors May Be EB-5

Europeans who make a significant investment in a business enterprise in the U.S. can earn green cards and access to American universities through EB-5.

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Middle East Investors Can Send Their Children to U.S. Universities With EB-5 Green Cards

If you have money to invest in an American business enterprise, you may qualify for the EB-5 program, which opens the door to educational opportunities.

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