The Business Owner's Guide to United States Residency via the L-1 Visa
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L-1 Employment-Based Visa: A Guide For You & Your Family

Get United States residency through this non-immigration visa geared toward foreign business owners and executives expanding to America!

If you are a foreign business owner, manager, executive, or specialized employee who wishes to work at a United States subsidiary of a company, an L-1 employment-based visa might be an ideal choice for you and your family. While the L-1 employment visa is a non-immigration visa that allows you to work in America for five to seven years, some find that the L-1 visa program can lead to permanent residency status over that period of time.

To let our readers understand the most important aspects of this type of employment visa, immigration attorneys Vaughan de Kirby and Hendrik Pretorius have produced a clear, thorough, and up-to-date report called The Business Owner’s Guide To United States Residency Via the L-1 Visa. We offer this guide free to the readers of our website.

This guide was written to answer the questions we hear about L-1 Visas in our offices each day:

  • How does a business owner become eligible for and obtain an L-1 Visa?
  • How long does a non-immigration L-1 Visa last?
  • What documentation must the foreign parent company provide?
  • What documentation must the United States subsidiary provide?
  • What is a blanket L-1?
  • Can L-1 Visa status lead to permanent residency?
  • Will my spouse be able to come with me to the United States and be allowed to find work? 
  • How do you renew an L-1 visa after the initial validity is set to expire?
  • Do I need an immigration attorney to help me with my L-1 Visa?

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You may be eligible for an L-1 employment visa if your non-U.S. company has plans to expand to overseas, either by starting up a United States subsidiary or by buying and acquiring an existing United States company. In both cases, both the foreign parent company and the new subsidiary must provide substantial documentation during this process.

L-1 status can be confusing – both during the process of securing your visa and if you need to extend or change your visa. Download our free report today to get your questions answered and learn more about employment in the United States.

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