A San Francisco Immigration Lawyer Discusses The P-1B Visa For Entertainers

The P-1B non-immigration visa is a valuable option for foreign entertainment groups who wish to travel to the United States to perform. Those who secure a visa, which is available to artists such as musicians, dancers, singers, and circus personnel, are allowed to stay in the United States for up to five years without an extension and up to ten years with extensions. Performers with a P-1B visa are allowed to bring along dependents and essential supporting staff, travel during their stay, and study part time.

To secure a P-1B visa, a performer must be part of an internationally acclaimed group consisting of two or more people.

In order to successfully apply for a P-1b visa for entertainers and performers, you must provide the following documentation with your visa application:

•    A petition provided by your potential employer in the United States.
•    A document that lists your group’s members and employment history.
•    Proof that most members have been employed by the group regularly for at least a year.
•    Three types of proof that the group has been internationally recognized for a significant amount of time.

A group may prove that they are an internationally recognized entity by providing three different types of evidence, including:

•    Performance reviews in international publications.
•    The inclusions of international stars and performers.
•    Testimonials from experts in the field.
•    Past contracts and endorsements.
•    Past press releases and advertisements.
•    Proof of commercial success, such as ticket or video sales.
•    Proof of commanding a high salary.
•    Proof of past performances for organizations and establishments that have a distinguished reputation.
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