A San Francisco Immigration Lawyer Explains The P-1A Visa For Foreign Athletes

The P-1A visa is specially tailored for internationally recognized athletes who wish to come to the United States temporarily to complete in a specific sporting event. Those who qualify for the P-1A visa could either be an individual athlete or an athlete on a national team.

Here are some quick facts about this non-immigration visa for athletes:

•    A P-1A visa holder may stay in the United States for up to five years without an extension. With extensions, those with P-1A visas can stay in the country for ten years.
•    When in the United States on a P-1A visa, you may engage in part-time study.
•    P-1A visa holders may compete for awards and prize money.
•    Dependents of P-1A visa holders, such as spouses and minor children, can apply to accompany their family member to the United States.
•    Dependents may not work during their stay in the United States.
•    P-1A visa holders may travel freely throughout the United States and the world.
•    While P-1A visa holders may work for different employers or compete in multiple events, each employer must fill out visa documentation.
•    Unlike other P-1 visa holders, P-1A via holders are not required to perform as part of a larger group, such as a team.

Any athlete applying for a P-1A visa must provide a number of documents in order to be approved. These documents include: proof that you are an international athlete or belong to an internationally recognized team; evidence of participation in previous international events, especially during the previous season; any awards or honors related to your athletic ability in your sport; any articles or news pieces regarding your participation in the sport; and a contract proving a contract or business arrangement with a United States sports league or entity.
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