California Visa Attorney: Understanding the P-4 Visa for Dependents

If you are traveling to the United States on a P-1 visa, P-2 visa, or P-3 visa, you may be wondering if your spouse and minor children can accompany you on your journey to the United States as an entertainer, athlete, or artist. As with many temporary employment visas, your spouse, as well as your unmarried children under the age of 21, may travel with you to America and stay in the country legally for as long as your visa is valid. To do so, however, they must apply for the P-4 non-immigration visa for dependents. 

Can you attend school on a P-4 visa for dependents? 

Yes, both the spouse and children of a P visa holder may study in the United States, either full time or part time. Be aware that the minor children of a P visa holder will have to apply for an F-1 student visa to continue studying in America after they reach the age of 21. 

Can you work on a P-4 visa for dependents? 

A P-4 visa holder can only work in the United States after they have been granted employment authorization. You can apply for employment authorization documentation—a work permit—in order to gain permission to hold a job in the U.S. This application requires several forms, as well as an application fee. Children with P-4 visas may not work. 

Can you travel on a P-4 visa for dependents? 

Yes, as long as your P-4 visa and your passport is valid, you may travel freely within the United States, as well as to and from your country of origin. 

How long is a P-4 visa valid? 

The P-4 visa is valid for as long as the original P visa holder's visa is valid – this amount of time can range from one to five years, plus extensions. If the P visa holder extends his or her visa, his or her dependents must do the same. 

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