How May I Prove My Clear Intention To Return Home After Graduation On My F-1 Visa Application?

During the F-1 application process, officials will be interested in determining whether or not you intend to return home once your course of study is complete in the United States. Your application has a better chance of being approved if you can verify that you have important ties to your country and long-term plans to reside there.

While there are no specific documentation requests, you may wish to prove through documentation that:

•    You own a home in your country or have a long-term rent agreement.
•    You have immediate family members residing in your home country, such as a spouse or children.
•    You have a bank account or have investments in your home country.
•    Your or your family own a business in your home country.
•    You have a job you plan to return to in your home country.
•    Your future degree will lead to employment opportunities near your home.
•    You are involved in ongoing cultural activities or organizations in your home country.
•    If you do not currently live in your home country, that you visit home frequently.

Proving your intent to return to your country of origin after school is over is one of the most difficult and confusing aspects of an F-1 Visa application.