Understanding the O-3 Visa For Dependents

The O-1 visa is a wonderful opportunity for those with special talents and extraordinary abilities to live and work in the United States while sharing their special skills on America soil. However, many O-1 visa applicants are concerned about whether their immediate family can travel with them and what privileges and limitations they will have while staying in the United States.

Here is a quick rundown of facts about the O-3 visa for dependents:

•    The O-3 visa is for the spouse and minor, unmarried children of O-1 visa holders.
•    O-3 visa holders may not work in the United States unless they have first secured a work visa.
•    O-3 visa holders are free to study in the United States.
•    O-3 visa holders may take short trips outside of the country and then reenter.
•    O-3 visa holders may travel freely around the country during their stay.
•    The O-3 visa is valid for as long as the corresponding O-1 visa is valid.
•    O-3 visa applicants can apply at the same time as the principal O-1 visa applicant.
•    To apply for the O-3 visa, applicants need a valid passport, a Form DS-160 non-immigrant visa application, and a Form I-797 Notice of Approval.

When considering your options for living and working the United States, it is also important to consider the needs and wants of your immediate family members. 

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