P Visas, Athletes, and Past Criminal Records

Professional soccer player Luke Rodgers scored a goal just four minutes into his debut on the Lillestrom SK in the Norwegian Tippeligaen and has major promise as a professional athlete on an international scale. However, even though he seems to fit the qualifications of the P-1 visa for athletes, the English-born football star has run into difficulty while attempting to play soccer in the United States. 

The New York Red Bulls attempted to acquire Rodgers two years ago, but when the man attempted to secure a P visa, he was denied due to his past criminal record. When he finally acquired a visa a year later, it was only granted for a year because of his legal violations. Now, in 2012, the athlete has another meeting at a U.S. consulate in Europe in an attempt to reacquire a P visa and play soccer in the states – he hopes to obtain a P-1 visa and concentrate on sports rather than red tape. 

P visas and criminal records

P visas have a number of specific requirements when it comes to your international acclaim, your business in the United States, and your standing in your field. However, there are also a number of basic requirements that can affect the vast majority of immigration and non-immigration visas. As Luke Rodgers has discovered, having an extensive criminal past can prevent you from entering the United States, even if you show star power. 

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