How to Prove You Have Extraordinary Ability in Business for the O-1 Visa

For persons of extraordinary ability in the field of business, the O-1 Visa provides a way for established foreigners to bring their talents and abilities to markets in the U.S. It is a useful option to gain temporary admission to the United States to perform services or participate in events. Applicants who have extraordinary abilities in business and can demonstrate a record of achievement, may wish to consider the O-1 visa.

If you are a person of extraordinary ability, and you are working with a company or organization that will petition on your behalf, the O-1 may be a viable option for you.

One consideration to keep in mind is that being a person of extraordinary ability and proving that you are such a person are two different things. If you are a person of great achievement and high ability in the world of business, you are probably used to proving yourself, as you have already moved to the top of your field. That being said, proving your extraordinary ability to the USCIS is no easy feat.

Here's what you will need to prove your extraordinary achievement and/or abilities:

For the fields of business or the sciences: You may provide evidence that you are the winner of an internationally-recognized award, such as a Nobel Prize, or by demonstrating at least three of the following:

• Internationally or nationally known prizes or awards
• Published materials about you and your work
• Membership in an association(s) that require high achievement for admission
• Original, significant contributions in your field
• Authorship of scholarly articles in professional journals or other major media
• High salary or compensation
• Participation as a judge or panel member for colleagues' work
• Employment with highly reputable institutions or organizations

This list, of course, is not meant to be exhaustive; these are general guidelines. If these standards do not apply to your occupation, you may select and submit comparable evidence instead. 

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