How to Document the Source of Funds for Your EB-5 Visa Application

Completing a successful EB-5 visa application is no easy feat; merely compiling all the documentation you will need can be a challenge. That's why you need an attorney who can help you with all the steps along the way. One particularly challenging step is documentation of the source of your funds, which the government requires to verify that your funds come from a lawful source. Below is our initial guide to the documentation we recommend you provide, depending on your source of funds.

If you acquired the funds through business, you should provide the following documentation in order to prove that the money was lawfully acquired.
1. Tax Returns for the last three to five years.
2. Accountant's Audit of business financials specifically verifying source of funds.
3. Bank Statements from where the funds were on deposit.
4. Copy of Business License
5. Photos of place of business
6. Copies of other business documentation if available:
a. Brochures
b. Product or Service lists
c. Business cards
d. Municipal Permits or License

Alternatively, if you acquired the funds through stock market investments, you should provide the following documentation.
1. Brokerage Account Statements.
2. Evidence as to where the original stock market investment funds originated with similar documentation as outlined in other sources of funds.

Likewise, if you acquired the funds the sale of real estate:
1. Evidence of ownership rights.
2. Contract of Sale - ownership rights transfer
3. Verification that sale proceeds were deposited into a bank account demonstrating source of funds.
4. Verification by accounting firm that Client possessed ownership rights to the property sold.

And, finally, if you received the funds as a gift:
1. Affidavit from person giving gift stating the funds are a gift. We will assist you in writing this Affidavit.
2. Complete documentation consistent with source of gifted funds as outlined in other sources of funds.


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