Common Issues That Should Not Negatively Affect Your EB-5 Application

After receiving many inquiries regarding immigration and EB-5, there are several common issues that potential applicants mistakely believe will bar them from immigration. 

If you are concered about your eligibility, links are included below so you can explore more information about your specific concerns. 

Commonly mistaken issues are: 

  1. Minor legal violations, including DUIs
  2. Tattoos or body art
  3. Minor ties to the communist party

Each person's case must be evaluated on an individual basis, but in general, the issues listed above will not result in negative consequences for immigration. 

There are some cases in which you may be bared from immigration. These cases include:

  1. Having committed crimes of moral turpitude or aggravated felonies
  2. Gang related tattoos
  3. Suffering from diseases of significant risk to public health
  4. Having previously overstayed your visa in the USA

Each person's circumstances are completely different. For this reason, it is important for you to talk to your immigration attorney. 

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